African Grey Parrot Links

The Alex Foundation - began with Alex, the famous African Grey Parrot, along with Irene Pepperberg...supports research that will expand the base of knowledge establishing the cognitive and communicative abilities of African Grey parrots.

World Parrot Trust - Save the Greys Fund - An appeal from the World Parrot Trust to help save the wild African Grey Parrots, one the most heavily traded species.

Association of Avian Veterinarians - an international organization committed to advancing and promoting avian medicine and stewardship. Find an avian vet near you and learn more about bird health.

FunTime - is a great place to shop for playgyms, playstands, and toys. A lot of their stuff is handcrafted and the customer service is outstanding. Their motto is "Don't let your bird be a Perch Potato!"

My Safe Bird Store - Discounted bird products - everything from toys, toy parts, food, cages, and so much more. Products are stored in a bird free, healthy environment and great prices! Excellent customer service, orders usually ship same day. - is a site where you can report lost, stolen or found parrots throughout the world. - find a bird fair or show in your area. Easy to locate as separated by state.

Bird Breeder Directory at - A directory of birds and breeders. Search by state or country.

Cozzzy Covers - Bird cage covers created by CozzzyBird. Here you will find durable, breathable, non-toxic bird cage covers for various shapes and sizes of bird cages.